Other Writing

Other Writing

I am a freelance writer and have written for all ages from children to adults and seniors on topics such as:

  • Beach Glass
  • Parenting an Olympian
  • Women construction workers
  • Driving around Lake Superior
  • Dragon boat races
  • Home and cabin renovation
  • Christmas 100 years ago
  • Living in a foam dome home
  • Albinism
  • Winter Survival, and much more….

For Highlights for Children magazine I’ve written a rebus (picture story), a longer funny story about a boy who runs out of everything, and a biography of William Spooner, a man famous for switching parts of words (known as Spoonerisms) so that a well-oiled bicycle becomes a well-boiled icicle.

A funny piece about funeral lunch ladies was published in The Georgetown Review.
A Passion for Pasties
My various writing awards include a Gold IRMA (International Regional Magazine Association) for a story about pasties in Lake Superior magazine. Pasties are a hand-held meat and potato pie eaten by miners on the iron ranges of Minnesota and Michigan, as well as around the world. You can read it here.

I am also a registered dietitian but I’ve tired of trying to convince people that eggs are in. I still write about medicine and nutrition. My master’s thesis, Dietary Variables Affecting Gastrointestinal Blood Loss in Patients Receiving Zomepirac or Aspirin is available should you want to read it!